Papilio Amsterdam

Our Services

We offer complimentary consultations with prospective clients to discuss their projects and gain an understanding of their interests, needs, and personal style. 

Generally, we provide turnkey services and offer: 

  • Interior design and planning (including extensions, additions)
  • Renovation management and project coordination
  • Furniture sourcing and styling
  • Art advising and acquisition

We can handle the whole life of your project, from inception to finishing touches: assembling a project team; arranging bids; creating layouts, drafting lighting and work plans; defining materials; sourcing finishes, hard and soft furnishings, as well as art and decor; designing custom carpentry, kitchens and bathrooms.


We have extensive experience in interior design, project planning, and renovation management and can offer a full range of services and support. 

We can work with homeowners who are near or far. We enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds and appreciate how cultures can be combined and reflected through design. In the end, we find the essence of the design process is the same: understanding human needs and connections, as well as the relationship between a space and its function. No matter the country, climate, background, the end desire is to create a unique and comfortable environment.

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