Papilio Amsterdam

Pilates Studio

Pilates Studio

This lovely Pilates studio was once a dark basement with almost no natural light.

We opened two huge windows to a ventilation shaft to bring in plenty of natural light and fresh air.

When you enter the studio, there is limited lighting.
As you walk towards the receptionist’s desk, you gradually walk towards the light.
Entering along the black wall increases the feeling of entering in the dark and moving towards the light – the Pilates studio itself.

We used bare building block walls and glass/ steel partitions to separate the different areas.
The bare raw materials echo the theme of the studio – You are beautiful as you are. Bare, with no cover or disguise. Your body is yours to cherish, and you are here to treat it well.

The glass partitions keep the flow of light through the entire space.

For extra lighting, we used led light, for efficient electricity usage.

Both large fans and an air conditioning system were installed.

Photographer: Hagar Doppelt

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