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Michal Shalgi Shira

Michal grew up in Israel where she studied two years of Architecture and completed a BA in Computer Science. Later, she studied interior design, and worked for an internationally renowned architect in London. She had a private design studio in Tel Aviv which she relocated to Amsterdam when her family moved in 2019. Three weeks after landing, she got her first commission here – an office space in Rotterdam and was thrilled to accept the challenge of a new project in a new land. Since then, she has enjoyed a steady flow of interesting projects.

Michal enjoys learning new things, taking on new challenges, and exploring new solutions. She likes to stretch herself and appreciate the transformational aspect of design.

Previously founder of:

Sara Jane Klingaman

Sara Jane is a Southern California native, but has lived in several places across the US and Europe. Her education includes a BA in Art History and an MBA in International Finance. After working in management consulting for several years, Sara Jane decided to pursue her passion for design. She’s had her own studio designing and renovating spaces for 20 years. In 2013, when she and her husband moved to Amsterdam with their 3 children, she brought her business with her.

Sara Jane has extensive experience in interior design, project planning, and renovation management and can offer a full range of services and support.

Previously founder of:

Papilio Studio

Michal and Sara Jane are the partners behind Papilio Design, an interior design firm based in Amsterdam, NL. The duo specializes in fusing the needs of their clients with a global perspective of art, design, and architecture. They have extensive experience working with clients and projects across countries, continents, and cultures.

“We design living experiences. We believe the spaces in which we live influence our well-being: health; happiness; creativity; productivity. The location of discrete functions within a space and the connection between them produces an intentional experience. We aim to create supportive, empowering spaces that meet the physical and emotional needs of our clients. ” – Michal Shalgi


“In design, there has always been a tension between form and function. Function is essential – a design has to make sense. But just as important, form shapes our response to a space. In addition to the flow of a space, the choice of material, color, texture, and smell are all part of ‘form’. A successful project is one that balances form with function and creates a bespoke solution for our client. Each client, location, project is unique – the result should reflect that.” – Sara Jane Klingaman

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